so i was brainstorming and asking God to give me a really fun and appropriate title for my update newsletter and was thinking about all the things the newsletter was going to be about and came up with the new title – so from now on when you see this in your ‘subject box’, you’ll know it’s the newest and latest info! :~)

‘THE SPIN’ will be the new title – as in ‘getting the spin on things’ or spinning the record, as some have already pointed out :~) which again is fun and appropriate – but wait, there’s more!!! ‘SPIN’ also has it’s own acronym about what the newsletter will hold:

PRAYER requests
NEXT steps

Well, that’s it! :~) I’ll let you all know when there’s new information – as of yet, have not solidified a date to meet up with Randy, so we’re waiting on God’s timing! Hope you like the new newsletter name and hope this finds you all doing well! I’ll letchya go for now in keeping with my promise for SHORT updates :~)