This morning I woke up… My thankfulness should start there. When I am focused upon my identity beginning and ending with God’s perception of me, I am amazed that He woke me up and gave me one more day. My daughter Corbynne and I started walking through the genealogy of Matthew chapter 1. We are looking at each name listed and looking at the story behind each character listed in the genealogy of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. We started with Abram, Abraham in Genesis 11 and 12. Abram started with a covenant promise from God and then fear and lying to Pharaoh to preserve his own life and his gorgeous wife! I was reminded that even the greatest saints of old they were human… sinful… insecure… broken… But, God still used their strengths despite their brokenness. It made me think of one of Gretchen’s songs, Amazing God.

The first verse goes like this, This morning I woke up with full intention of continuing on my way and I figured I would do and be the same as I was yesterday. But, with one swift blow you shattered my existence and I know that I can expect for things to change. ‘Cause, You won’t leave me where I am to be content to be satisfied, and neither will I…

The Chorus then tells us this, If you did nothing, God, but save us. If your only act was to die for us. Jesus, it would be more than enough. And yet, you choose to prove daily not just who You are but how much You love us. What an amazing God.

Verse two: This morning I woke up realizing all You are and who I really am and all You’re asking me to be. It’s like I’m finally seeing You there in all Your glory and I am there in the background screaming look at me… Father, don’t leave me where I am to be content or satisfied. It’s by Your grace that You pursue me even when I try to hide.

It moves back into the chorus and moves on into one more verse that speaks to God’s faithfulness to us and lead us back into His definition of our identity.

All this to say, hang on to the words, this morning I woke up… His grace and sufficiency is enough and the the mere fact that we have breath in our lungs should bring us to a deep rooted thankfulness. That deep rooted thankfulness leads to the changed perspective in the day. The changed perspective in the day leads to Godly responses to the trials and sufferings we may face or blessings that may occur.

I pray that your day would be changed by these thoughts as you reflect on them together with me. May your day be blessed and may your day be positive even in the midst of the unknown or experienced hardships.

Gretchen and I and our children are cheering you on and praying for you… we love you…