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Testimonials About Dan Jester

“When Dan Jester speaks, he has a way of making Evangelism Training come alive and seem like anyone can do this. Dan is engaging in his style and those that attend his trainings will come away inspired and ready to share Christ with those that God has placed in their life!” —Rob Weise, Director of Student Ministries of the Forest Lakes District, EFCA

Testimonials About Evangelism Boot Camp
(70 Students and Leaders attended this Seminar)

“Love the enthusiasm and videos”
“Thanks for the things I can give others”
“Very good, I really enjoyed it”
“Very helpful”
“I thought we would get strategies/ideas about talking with Christ”
“Very funny, but had a lot of information I can use”
“I love evangelism”
“Very helpful on how to evangelize and making it a bit easier… awesome seminar”
“Great personality to connect with group. Obvious passion for evangelism”
“It was encouraging and stretching at the same time”
“Relevant and great too, starts to help share the gospel”
“It was really helpful and insightful”
“Nice presentation”
“I liked the videos”
“Awesome info and speaker, makes it fun and interesting”
“Really, really good, awesome speaker”
“Really great”
“I would have appreciated some hands on practice”
“Good job! Although maybe a little more “how to” rather than just the concept would be nice. Way to go!”
“Learned some really cool new quotes”
“Very good, I love the side stories and examples, you’re a great speaker”
“To be able to have the tools and an encourager is so great”
“This was great, I would go again”
“Amazing speaker, so glad I came”
“It inspired me to share the gospel with the people at my school and neighborhood”
“I think it was good, learned need to talk about Christ to nonbelievers, don’t shy away from nonbelievers”

Testimonials About Evanglelism for Introverts
(45 Students and Leaders attended this Seminar)

“Thank you!!”
“Clear, good time, informative, fun”
“Great notes, funny, engaging”
“Very good speaker, amazing tips for sharing the word of God”
“Really taught me how to share my faith in a way I’m comfortable with”
“It really emboldened me and gave me a greater burden for my friends to accept Christ”
“I really liked how he gave us the challenge at the end, I hope that I and everyone else are brave enough to do it”
“Did a very good job”
“Great tips, really helpful”
“Great idea for the challenge at the end to get us into evangelistic idea, great seminar”
“I liked the videos”
“It felt good like there was some thing I could do”
“Thank you so much, it really helped me, challenged me”
“Was very helpful”
“It was very encouraging”
“I was nervous at first, but I really enjoyed his seminar”
“It was a useful seminar and the speaker was very good”
“Good speaker and knew what he was talking about”
“I am totally an extrovert, but I have trouble evangelizing”
“I really enjoyed the humor and the movie clips. The PowerPoint’s helped too”
“Cell phone challenge = very convicting!! Overall the seminar was really encouraging”
“It didn’t seem as if it was for introverts. It was more of just evangelism”
“Very good and easy to understand, helpful”
“Really good speaker, but I’ve heard a lot of the content and it’s hard to go through these Gospel “presentations” with people you’ve known for years”
“The handouts are helpful”

Testimonials About the Ministry

“…I wanted to make sure you know that your music REALLY matters & your ministry with your husband has been an inspiration to me, as well. I pray all the best this life has to offer for you and your family. We’ve spent most of our lives in “The Ministry”, and you guys are the real deal. I love your little statement on Facebook; it’s my desire, as well.” —Shawnee Gallaher

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