Gretchen’s Testimonials

GretchenResponses to Gretchen’s Services Offered:

“From my perspective, when I found myself in that place at the retreat where I “found” you :), I was so thirsty for honest music from a heart after God. I had been leading worship in our church for a few years, and music was becoming my job. I sensed it happening, but what to do? You were introduced as a songwriter and I was, if I’m being honest, skeptical. I had been growing weary of the “formula” that modern worship music was turning out. But yours was so real—an honest heart’s song… not just another something that would please the evangelical masses, but truth. You first did, “Rescue Me” (yes. I remember this vividly) and, later, “Vulnerable”. Your music is the bulk of what I took away from that retreat. It set my sights for worship higher than I thought possible. It opened the place in me that had begun to close. Really. Your music impacted me that weekend in a life-changing way. My family has worn out, but memorized that little CD you made available to us. My daughters have had you on their iPods…” —Shawnee Gallaher

“It is very obvious that Gretchen has a love for leading worship!!! She sings a wide variety of songs that reach all ages. She has a strong, rich voice and plays the keyboards beautifully. You will be blessed to have Gretchen among you and will feel her energy and enthusiasm!” —Donna Dahl, a worship leader at Cornerstone Church

“Gretchen’s genuine love and passion for the Lord is very evident. She willingly surrenders the gifts God has given her to reveal and demonstrate His eternal love. She speaks Jesus through her music!” —Michelle Wilson, Head of Women’s Ministries at New Hope EFC

Testimonials About the Ministry

“…I wanted to make sure you know that your music REALLY matters. Your ministry with your husband has been an inspiration to me, as well. I pray all the best this life has to offer for you and your family. We’ve spent most of our lives in “The Ministry”, and you guys are the real deal. I love your little statement on Facebook; it’s my desire, as well.” —Shawnee Gallaher

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