About Dan Jester

DanDan and his wife, Gretchen Jester, have three amazing kids, Corbynne Rachel, Simeon Thomas, and Samuel Judah. Dan was called to youth ministry and evangelism at the age of 16 at a Luis Palau event in Washington State and spent the years since that time being molded by an ever-loving, ever-challenging God and Father who has never let him out of the commitment he made that night!

On a more personal note, Dan Jester describes himself as a mercy-motivated, servant-oriented, relational personality that’s never met a stranger; obviously God-given traits that are well-suited for someone who is an out-loud, always-on, evangelism-first kind of guy! As equally known as his passion for evangelism by the students and adults around him, is his friendly & outgoing side…and yes, also his A.D.D. tendencies when there’s something shiny! There’s nothing that can distract this passionate man from His calling by the Lord to reach a lost generation and to show them how to reach others, though, and this calling is what inspired Dan to start Apprentice Ministries, Inc.

If you want to really see Dan’s face light up, just ask him how a shy person, a quiet person, a not-out-loud person is supposed to share their faith with their peers or friends or family. The vision he is able to pass on to those who have previously thought they could only be a “silent witness” is inspiring and encouraging; they leave knowing their place in the Great Commission and what God can do through the way that He made them! Motivating others in the direction that God has called each one of us to is truly Dan’s greatest joy and undoubtedly the design for which God has purposed him.