Well, Alex Shriver and I are stranded… stranded at a beautiful lake tucked away just moments away from SeaTac International Airport. I can hear the planes fly off into the sunset sky… without us.

We were suppose to leave today but the Delta Airlines power outage has left us to wait 17 more hours before we see the African plains of Kenya and Uganda. You can pray for us as we prepare to leave tomorrow though. Pray that we get some much needed rest for the 23 hour travel that will ensue starting tomorrow. Pray that we are at our best as we teach and train at Manna Bible Institute in Nairobi, Kenya with two of my classmates who pastor there as locals. Pray that we are a blessing to Arthur Magezi outside Kampala, Uganda as he comes off of two weeks of busy ministry with others from the United States.

Thanks Delta employees for doing what you could with the situation as it was. You did all that you could and that is all you can do in a situation that shuts down your worldwide departures.

Thanks to all who are praying for us and continue to pray that we receive more funding to cover the trip of the cost and outreaches that will take place. our goal has been to raise around $6000 for outreaches, feeding families and students in Kenya, and to preach the Gospel to the masses of teens and others. God is at work through the students who study with me from around the world.

And, finally… pray for Alex Shriver as he serves with me in Africa. He is an absolutely amazing young man who will light up the eyes of the African youth as we preach and share his story of salvation.

As I am able to find wifi in Africa, I will keep you updated through our blog and through Facebook. God Bless all of you as you lift us up over these next 14 days!