Our Vision

We are Apprentice Ministries and have chosen this name because of the definition of the word “apprentice.” An apprentice is one who works alongside someone who knows the work, learning by doing, acting on acquired knowledge and learning more as knowledge is applied.

God has called us to evangelize our generation and future generations, to provide evangelism training for the equipping of those working alongside us in this mission to reach our world, and to share what God has done in our lives along the way so that others may be encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

We believe that the best way to do this is through the training sessions and seminars that we will lead in tandem, using the gifts that we have been given by God to do His work through His grace. We ourselves desire to act on what God has taught us and continue learning as we continue to serve. Our desire for others is that, as we present fellow believers with tools and encouragement for ministry, they are able to follow in suit and practice the things they have learned.