A.M. Inc. Needs

Apprentice Ministries, Inc. Current & Future Needs

First and foremost, partnering with us in prayer for this ministry and what God desires to do in and through this evangelism training is so very important! If your desire to support us goes even beyond lifting us up in prayer, the following is a list of current & future needs and, if the Lord so lays on your heart, please consider supporting us by donating toward these items. Keep in mind that we would also love you to consider partnering with us in monthly support so that we can continue to give away the teaching and training that God has called us to equip churches with. Thank you so much!

  • A vehicle specifically for travel & equipment –> estimated investment: $35,000
    We have put almost 200,000 miles on our personal vehicle in just the last 3 years of ministry alone!  Because we take good care of it, it’s running well and has served its purpose, but we are finding that with the amount/distance of our travel and the need for bringing along equipment and/or provisions to make our trips cost effective, we are needing a ministry vehicle that can meet our travel demands more efficiently.  We have been impressed with the Nissan NV Passenger and this is why – it has the necessary capability of all-weather travel, trailer towing for equipment transportation, excellent gas mileage for a vehicle with its functionality, incredible ratings and reviews, all at almost half the price-point of its competition!
  • Completion & Production of 3rd CD Project –> estimated investment: $100,000
    This project is the continuation of the 3 singles; these are available in our Store, and also on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMusic, and more already!  With the addition of 7 more songs, we will have a complete album in our hands!  This album will include the talented, well-known musicians from the first 3 songs, and several additional ones, all brought together by music producer Jeff Jansen, making this a serious collection of talent backing Gretchen!  We have already seen how God has used the first 3 singles as a platform to offer validation and new opportunities to the ministry and calling of Dan & Gretchen!  Apprentice Ministries, Inc. believes that what God will do with this tool in their hands will be even more incredible!
  • Ongoing Promotional Endeavors –> estimated investment: $2-12,000
    Giving toward this fund would be a resource for further investment into promotion in many ways, including but not limited to website additions, marketing materials, sample distribution, radio, etc.!
  • Additional Monthly Supporters –> estimated current support: 23%
    For those of you following us on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), you have seen all the INCREDIBLE things God has done over the last 3 years through Apprentice Ministries, Inc. with just that amount of monthly support!  So if you can dream with us now, imagine all that He will do through us to spread the Gospel and apprentice the next generation when we have more financial partnering to reach 100% funding!  We are praising the Lord while we pray with expectation for the funds to continue to grow for the calling He has given us!
  • Completion of Dan’s Doctorate –> estimated investment: PRAYER!
    As Dan works through the process of writing the over 200-page document that is the final dissertation for his doctorate, please continue to lift him up in prayer!  There is much thought, heart, blood, sweat, and tears that will have been poured into this doctorate, and by God’s grace and faithfulness to Dan, we know we will see Him complete the work He has started in this calling, specifically with a graduation ceremony in May 2019!
  • Home Base –> estimated investment: PRAYER!
    We don’t know the specifics of how or when or where God will provide this for our family, but what we do know is that He will!  We need a place, once the dissertation has been completed, that fulfills several things God has laid on our hearts to ask Him for!  Pray with us for a home base that will be:


    • a place that is our own
    • a place of rest and recovery for our family between ministry trips
    • a place that is low-maintenance (i.e. not including high-maintenance landscaping/acreage/animals that we have to care for, which would be impossible due to our frequent travel
    • a place that is located with easy accessibility to an airport for those frequent ministry trips that require flights out
    • and, if we’re dreaming and asking God for more than we can think or imagine, we believe being located in the Pacific Northwest would be ideal…but, with each of these above, we know that God has our desires and our needs in His hands and we can trust Him!  So pray with us as we wait in expectation for the Lord to provide for this need in amazing ways!