Dan’s Services

DanServices Offered:

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Our calling is to EQUIP you and your people with an intimate knowledge of each of the following tools, in a variety of flexible ways suited to the needs of your organization!  Our intention within this calling is to encourage and motivate the Body of Christ, that Jesus and His plan of Salvation would be shared with those around us!  NONE of these tools are new, or a “recreation of the wheel”, we are simply bringing a new generation of Jesus-followers back to the basics of Evangelism, the way that Jesus did it!

Training Opportunities:

Evangelism: Tools & Training (ETT)  Events

  • Seminars within other events
  • Multiple-Day Training
  • Staff Training
  • Volunteer Staff Training
  • Youth Training
  • Multi-Level Training (congregation)

Training Tools:

 The 4 P’s –> Position, Personality, Past, & Purpose 

  • Position: Who you are in Christ
  • Personality: the way He made you, how you’re wired 
  • Past: how/when your redemption story is relevant 
  • Purpose: His undeniable call to share the Gospel

These 4 categories are rich with purpose and function and can be broken down into 3 different kinds of training: 4 training days, 4 training sessions spread over one or more days, or a brief overview as one training session with 4 points – a church/venue can also choose to choose one or more of the 4 as a sole-focus for a training day/weekend. *

StoryTelling Training –> Oral Inductive Bible Study

Whether it’s used in a large event, a Sunday School class, or even family devotions, this training is an amazing evangelistic tool for any age, any group, and any culture!  Storytelling Training is a simple tool that brings us back to the basics of reading and KNOWING the stories of God’s Word so we can pull from it the richness of truth and purpose! We will help you dive into scripture in a way that will change your life, by changing the way that you read and study God’s Word!  

*This tool, like the 4 P’s, can be a day-long training, an individual session added to a day with other training sessions, or added to a wknd with other sessions, but take note that it requires at least 3 hours.

Other Options:


A SingSpeak consists of an intertwining of Dan’s gifts as a Trainer/Evangelist & Gretchen’s gifts as a Singer/Songwriter.  Within a SingSpeak session, you will not only hear A.M., Inc.’s story, but Dan & Gretchen’s stories as well!  This event then is not only an A.M. Inc. offered option for informational and social purposes, but also is an example of using one’s story as an evangelistic tool! 

This session can include one or more of the following variations:

  • Can take place within other events (i.e., conferences, camps, etc.) 
  • Can take place within ETT Events (i.e., within the weekend training event at churches or organizations) 
  • Can be an introductory session within an ETT Event

Proclamation Evangelism

  • Large settings nationally
  • Large settings internationally

Apprentice Trips

To “apprentice” someone goes beyond just teaching and training.  Apprenticing equips, demonstrates for them, and comes alongside them as they put their training into practice!

Through Apprentice Trips, we invite you to come WITH us as we train and serve, equip and encourage!  Through observation & practice, learn and gain confidence in your gifting so you can see where/how God is specifically calling you to evangelism and service! 

Whether we are going to a local church, or as far away as the other side of the world, we have many locations and projects we are working on throughout the year!  And whether it’s for 3 months, or just a weekend, the many ministries and people we are working with are affected by our willingness to serve!  

Come do life and ministry with us! Contact us to get info about our next Apprentice Trip!

These services are of course contingent on scheduling, but always offered with no expectation of remuneration; it is our conviction and desire to give away the foundational ministry we do! We raise support as missionaries within the United States so that we are able to freely give this teaching and training to churches and ministries both nationally and internationally! Partner with us to help us continue to teach and train believers to reach and rescue the lost!