Dan’s Services

DanServices Offered:

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Evangelistic Speaking

“Evangelism: Tools & Training” (T² Sessions)

  • Seminars within other events
  • Multiple-Day Training
  • Staff Training
  • Volunteer Staff Training
  • Youth Training
  • Multi-Level Training (congregation)

SingSpeak (combination music & speaking)

  • Within other events (i.e., conferences, camps, etc.)
    • A description of ourselves and A.M., Inc.
    • A sharing of “Our Story” laid out with speaking and songs,
      an example of using what God has done in our lives to share
      the gospel
  • Within Evangelistic Training Events (i.e., the T² Sessions weekend
    training event at churches or organizations)

    • This would be the starting session, “Our Story”

Proclamation Evangelism

  • Large settings nationally
  • Large settings internationally

These services are always offered with no expectation of remuneration; it is our conviction and desire to give away the foundational ministry we do! We raise support as missionaries within the United States so that we are able to freely give this teaching and training to churches and ministries both nationally and internationally! Partner with us to help us continue to teach and train believers to reach and rescue the lost!